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Re-Veiling Your Look

So you said yes to the dress... What next?

Bridal Accessories of course!

Choosing the right bridal accessories to polish your look on your wedding day is just as exciting as dress shopping. Your clothing is like the canvas and your bridal accessories is the paint. Splash it! Be authentic to yourself by choosing pieces that represent you.

We love creating a variety of head pieces and accessories. A classic bird cage veil has been around for many years, but we gave it our own twist. Our collection features whimsical millinery and traditional styles alongside unique custom veils.

Aren't they enchanting?

Bridal Accessories - Bird Cage Veil By: Illieana George Couture

I created this piece with flowers as my inspiration. Each flower is made up of fifteen layers of tulle to create this beautiful look.

Bridal Headpiece - Flower Bird Cage Veil

There are many ways to wear a bird cage veil. Here is how this bride wore hers. What do you think?

Bridal Headpiece - Flower Bird Cage Veil

This bird cage veil boast three handmade flowers each made of fifteen layers of organza and embellished with swarovski crystal centers. All our headpieces are handmade and custom made with Love in Toronto.

Bridal Headpiece: Ilieana George - Couture Bridal Accessories

Photo Credit: Roxana Silva Photography

MUA: Beauty by Sacha

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