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As seen on the cover of MunaLuchi Bride

No amount of words can eloquently describe how extremely honored, privileged and excited it feels to grace the back cover of the 2016 Fall/Winter issue of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine as they launch their first issue in the Canadian market. As you are aware MunaLuchi Bride Magazine is dedicated to the bride that craves culture. Their Magazine can be found in the USA, Europe and now Canada.

Woot Woot! Yes I just tooted my own horns and how refreshing it feels. This year has marked an amazing and very exciting journey for my brand in this unique business and we still have two months to years end.

You may be wondering how did we do it? Well we are simply blessed and dedicated to our brand and its finally been recognized by an international brand that has set the foundation for entrepreneurs like myself to share my talents and unique skills with a wider audience and an amazing platform.

We had no idea !

We had no idea we were going to be on the back cover. Many emails were sent back and forth to finalize what we thought was going to be a feature "in" the magazine.

No hints or no clues were dropped that we were even being considered for such a distinguished and prestige honor. It came as complete surprise. I gained knowledge of this through a colleague who got an early copy several days ago. Now I can share this heartfelt honor with you all.

My reaction!

This sums up my reaction to the news! Shut the front door! excuse me...who did you say was on the back cover? Excuse me (now my tone is slightly higher), who did you say is on the back cover? Get out of town! I said, " please do not play with my emotions because this would be a terrible joke to play"! Then after a few seconds it hit me after getting a picture text of it. My heart sunk and tears flooded my face like I had when you first see your first born child. The entire neighborhood heard me scream of joy. I was in shock. If there is a cloud higher than cloud 9 I was launched on it faster than a rocket ship and still am. If this was the lottery then I hit the jackpot. I AM BEYOND HAPPY! So ladies and Gentlemen I present to you what I consider to be, "MY ISSUE" of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine 2016.

Ilieana George Featured on MunaLuchi Bride Magazine

Ilieana George Couture

Look how God works !

I started watching the Steve Harvey show earlier this year and one particular episode caught my attention when he said, "you've got to jump" . So I paused cooking and sat down to listen to his segment in curiosity to know what jumping is he speaking of. His message was basically; you will never know your full potential until you take that leap to soar and just go after your dreams. In other words "jump".

So I decided that I was going to jump. I rebranded; new website, name, changed my line of headpieces, improved on jewelry and gave the business a complete overhaul. Little did I know that I was going to be jumping right onto the cover of the same magazine his daughter is so gorgeously gracing the front cover of. Look how God works!

I was not alone on this journey.

The most interesting part of it all is that I got to share this wonderful accomplishment with my niece, Samantha Mangal who is the model wearing the headpiece on the back cover. The photo was taken by my cousin and professional photographer, Simone Lynn. So it was a huge family affair to get this shot and we could not be more proud.

Its been a long time coming.

Year after year my good friend Shonell and I would always dream and talk about a magazine that we could see more women of color. A magazine that we when flipping through the pages and envisioning ourselves by seeing women like ourselves, be inspired while planning our dream wedding. We longed for the day that such possibility could even exist. Today we are no longer dreaming. Cheers to dreams coming through! Accolades to us creating looks that inspire other women who want to look and envision themselves by seeing woman like themselves. Again cheers to whats only the beginning!

Get your copy at Chapters in a city near you. In stores from October 24th, 2016

Check back at the end of the week when Chapters stocks their shelves with new issues. Let us know what you think.

Special Thanks to MunaLuchi Bride for the publication

Photo credits : Samantha Clarke Photography

Photo Credit : Simone Lynn Photography

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