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Bridal Accessories Checklist

Bridal checklist from Ilieana George

Groom? Check! Venue? Check! Guests? Check! Dress? Double check!! Looks as if you’re all ready to walk down the aisle towards your new life as a couple...or are you? Depending on your style, the venue, and the season, there are a number of other considerations for the bride’s attire that should be planned well in advance so as not to get lost in the shuffle.

Have you selected your veil, headpiece or other hair accessories? From low to high end, there is a wide variety of options to compliment your gown on your special day. Take into account the colour and style of your dress, how you’ll wear your hair, and whether or not the ceremony is indoors or outdoors. If you decide a long veil is best and your ceremony is outside, you also want to take into account how you’ll keep it in check if the wind picks up. Be sure that you take your veil, headpiece or hairpiece to the salon well in advance so that your hairstyle fits whatever it is you’ve selected and your stylist can easily adorn you on the big day.

Bridal sash and headpiece - convertible piece by Ilieana George

Will you wear one pair of shoes that will be comfortable enough for the entire day or switch your beautiful but not very practical wedding heels for dancing flats that evening? Either route means that you’ll want to have your shoes at least weeks ahead to either practise or break them in, and ensure that your gown length accommodates your choice.

Picking out jewellery can be very exciting and a lot of fun, but it can take a lot more time than a bride expects. She can be overwhelmed by choices and then return home empty handed, so it pays to start looking well in advance. A helpful tip is to pick your main feature piece, and then use the rest of your jewellery choices as less flashy, accent pieces. If you choose a large, sparkly necklace, go a little more conservative with your earrings and bracelet. You’ll also want to make sure that none of the jewellery will snag your dress!

Bridal earrings created by Ilieana George

The attire you wear on your wedding day that guests won’t see is just as important as the gown and sparkle that they do see! If your gown is slim fitting, you’ll want to have underwear that won’t show, or even a body slimmer. If you’re flashing a little cleavage in a strapless gown, you might want to consider sticky cups or a comfortable strapless bra. A thinner dress material might be best worn over a full slip so that you don’t accidentally give poor Great Uncle Ned a heart attack. This would also be a consideration if your dress is made of tulle or some other easily ripped fabric. It’s best to be prepared.

No bride wants her “something blue” to be her lips as she stands shivering at the altar! If there’s a chance you’ll catch a chill during the ceremony or throughout the night, consider a bolero, shawl, or faux fur drape as a beautiful accessory with practical uses.

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