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How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Hair Accessories?

Even the most down-to-earth no-fuss bride wants to look her most glamourous on her wedding day. That means rocking everything from head to toe in your unique fashion taste, whatever it may be. One sure way to let your personality shine on the big day are hair accessories! We’re not talking about veils here; these are the cute and sleek pins and combs adorning today’s hottest bridal styles. Here are some tips to make sure you pick out the perfect accent to adorn your fancy do.

First Things First: Gown and Hairstyle

Before you go running for that vintage jewel-encrusted comb, it’s important to consider how your accessory will work with your overall look. It’s best to already have your gown selected so you can confidently choose something that fits the style and colour. Likewise, having a hairstyle picked out makes it easier to know what type of accessory you should look for.

Picking the Right Type of Accessory

All types of hair can be dolled up with a couple pieces of glitz, but certain styles work better with certain types of accessories. Barrettes are perfect for a down and loose style to keep hair from falling into your face. Pins and combs are great for accenting a more formal up-do. If you’re still flip-flopping between hairstyles, an elegant headband or tiara is a versatile choice that works with almost any style.

Certain accessories work well with different face shapes too. Ladies with an oval face can pull off just about any style (lucky you!). For those with a more round facial structure, try a piece that will add height and avoid decorating the sides so your face won’t appear wider. Conversely, if you have an elongated face, try short accessories that aren’t too tall or go for side accents.

Harmony is Key

You want your headpiece to gel with your other accessories too. That means choosing items with similar metals, jewels, and design styles. If your necklace, bangles, and earrings are all silver, you don’t want a yellow gold tiara. Pick a theme and stick with it for flawless accent unity.

Take it for a Test Drive

Don’t wait too late to get your hair accessories! A big mistake is assuming that you’ll be able to slap it on the day of and have everything go off without a hitch. Ideally, you’ll want to get your accessory before you start your trial ceremony or practice runs. That way you can see how things will hold up and be able to make any adjustments so you won’t be fussing with it the day of.

Stay Simple

You don’t want to look like a mirror ball on your wedding day (unless for some reason your wedding is disco-themed, then by all means continue). Your accessories should accent your gown and overall theme, not distract from the main attraction: you! A good hair accessory will add that perfect pop without drawing the eye away too long. Try to stick to one or two pieces.

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