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Offering quality handmade pieces for brides


Ilieana George Couture is known for merging styles of tradition, timeless elegance, and classic romance with modern and trendy bridal designs.We offer one of a kind custom designs with a touch of sparkle using swarovski crystals to create a look that matches the sparkle in the bride’s eyes.

Most brides have a distinct sense of style and want a unique bridal look. The details matter to them, so IG Couture encourages the bride to participate in the creative process. If the bride participates in the process and loves our creations, we have no doubt they will look and feel fabulous in our wide range of hair adornments.


IG couture does not limit the materials used during creation of it’s one of a kind pieces. In fact we fancy materials that add the extra flair or whimsical twist that would help make our customers happy. Though not a staple, we enjoy creating pieces donned with feathers because it is virtuous product that is timeless and makes the bride look angelic on her wedding day.


Our team envisions a business where brides all over the world will wear our products aimed at blending elegant and romantic hair adornments infused with her whimsical millinery, so that brides can feel as good wearing her creations as she feels creating them. 

Custom Made Just for you !

Bridal Hair Accessories:

Bird Caged Veils

Hair Vines



Bridal Jewellery

Bridal Box


Bridal Sashes

Toronto's Bridal Craftsmanship

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